Welcome to Finns & Friends

Hello everyone!

Welcome to Finns & Friends new and improved website.
I’m changing the platform to make the site easier to manage in the hopes of being able to keep it better updated. This site is still under construction; please check back often for updates.

If you have pictures or stories you would like to share on your site please send them my way in an e-mail. If you don’t have my e-mail address (don’t want to post it hear for all the spam it would get) go to the Contact Us-page and send me a message through there.

You can also find us through our Facebook page: Finns & Friends.com
It is a public FB site so you will be able to view it even if you don’t have a personal FB account.

Our next event is in Prescott celebrating coming of the Fall -see events page for date/time.
I will e-mail more info to members in a few days.

Last, but not least, a heartfelt thank you to Karoliina for helping me to get this page going! Without your help it would still be another item on my long list of ‘to do’-items.

Hyvää Syksyn alkua/ kesän loppuaikaa kaikille!


Finns & Friends is a Social Club for expatriate Finns and anyone interested in 'finnishness'. We operate mostly in the Phoenix, AZ area.