About Finns & Friends

Tervetuloa! Welcome!

A little history on how Finns and Friends of Phoenix,AZ got started….

In the 1970’s there was still a Finlandia Foundation Chapter in Phoenix, AZ. An Annual Meeting was held in February and a Picnic every spring and fall. These events made it possible for newcomers to meet other Finns and make friends. However, several members wanted a less formal ‘social’ club.
Tuula Granberg decided to make this idea a reality, so she and her neighbor Dolores Wargelin held a meeting to establish the new club. Esther Joki-Witcher was appointed secretary, Tuula treasurer. Others present were Airi Riikonen, Vi Rukkila and Nanny Salonen. The name Finns & Friends was chosen because not all members were Finnish.

Today, over 35 years later, the club is still going strong. On these pages you will find news of upcoming events, as well as descriptions of recent get-togethers.
These pages are still a work in progress –please come back often to see what is new.

Anyone interested becoming a friend of Finns and friends always welcome to join. Some useful links and information about Finland and “Finnishness” for anybody who wishes to learn more: Information about Finland, Finnish website and blog Things you should and shouldn’t know about Finland Information about Finlandia Foundation

Finns & Friends is a Social Club for expatriate Finns and anyone interested in 'finnishness'. We operate mostly in the Phoenix, AZ area.